Zeal Credit Union Credit Union
Success in life is all about who you know, and we know you! Did you
know that Zeal Credit Union offers great free benefits for businesses of
all sizes? If you help us introduce Zeal Credit Union membership
to your workplace, we'll give you $25*, plus you could Win* a FREE
catered lunch for your entire office!
How? Simply help us get in
contact with your employer and we'll do the rest.

Just follow these three simple steps when talking to your
office manager, supervisor or company owner:
Step 1: Provide us with the name of your office manager, supervisor
or company owner by filling out the form below.
Step 2: Print this informational sheet that describes Zeal Credit Union
free employee financial benefits.
Step 3: Give the sheet to the contact at your company and tell them
that a representative from Zeal Credit Union will be contacting them.
You Could Win* a FREE Lunch for Everyone in Your Workplace!

Remember, the credit union is not selling anything and there is no pressure on anyone to commit to anything.
We simply want to inform your employer of how they can offer some free benefits to their employees. Unfortunately,
many companies have been forced to cut employee benefits in an effort to get through these trying economic times.
Here's an opportunity for your employer to give the rest of your co-workers great financial benefits at no cost.

So celebrate "Bring Your Credit Union to Work Day" and take home $25* for yourself plus Win* a free lunch
for your workplace!
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*To qualify for the free lunch for your office, you must be 18 years of age or older and provide Zeal Credit Union with a
   responsible contact name at your place of work. In order to qualify for the $25, Zeal must successfully set up an
   informational meeting with your employer. The member will receive a $25 VISA® Gift Card sent to their home address
   within 30 days of coordinated office visit. Federal, state and local taxes, if any, and any other costs or expenses
   related to acceptance and use of the prize not specified, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. $25 offer can not
   be combined with any other member referral offer. Each month of the promotion, one office will be randomly selected
   to receive a free catered lunch, supplied by Zeal Credit Union. Contents of lunch is at the discretion of
   Zeal Credit Union with a maximum total value of $300. No purchase necessary.